Our Approach

Barbara Hirsch is OPUS 1's owner and Chief Engineer

A long standing member of the Audio Engineering Society, she holds a B.A. and M.A. in Music Composition, had a classical radio program for several years, worked as a sound designer for musical theater, has been a college music instructor, and, for many years also worked as the Recording Technician at the University of California, Santa Barbara Music Library, streaming music required for class listening assignments and helping people find music or books about it.

Our Story

Barbara Hirsch
Barbara Hirsch

My philosophy of recording, combined with a profound love of music, make me strive for a particular sound, a particular balance in every recording I do. When one hears music performed live, the energy of the performance, the beauty of the music, the acoustics of the hall, the energies created by the people who have come together to share this common experience with the performer(s), all of this coalesces to create a total emotional and artistic experience.

However, when one puts on a CD, at home or in the car, the entirety of all of that is gone. It is instead simply the performer's interpretation of the music burned indelibly to that disc, to be played and listened to directly, over and over. The recording engineer thus has the responsibility of capturing the performer's energy, the music, and the space around it as beautifully as possible -- indeed, I take this seriously!

Over the years Barbara's environmental commitment has steadily increased. She happily lives and works in a solar powered home, walking and biking except when equipment transport is needed. And listening to recordings is such a beneficial use of energy, both e-juice and our own.

Client references are readily available. CDs have been well reviewed in Gramaphone, American Record Guide, and others.

Here are a few:

http://www.eroica.com/zu-reviews.html (this link does not work)